HashiCorp Enterprise

Caravan supports deploying the enterprise versions of HashiCorp Vault, Consul and Nomad.

Building Enterprise images

caravan-baking supports building gold images with either OpenSource or Enterprise binaries for HashiCorp stack.

By default, the Terraform wrapper used to trigger Packer builds creates both image types:

variable "builds" {
  type        = list(string)
  default     = ["caravan.*.enterprise", "caravan.*.opensource"]
  description = "Which packer build artifacts to produce"

variable "build_image_name" {
  type = string


The resulting image name follows the following pattern: - ${var.build_image_name}-os-{{timestamp}} for OpenSource version - ${var.build_image_name}-ent-{{timestamp}} for Enterprise version

Deploying Enterprise infrastructure

Once you have built the image with Enterprise binaries, the next steps are:

  1. Configure the image filter variable in the infrastructure layer to use the Enterprise image instead of the OpenSource one. For example, in Azure you have to change var.image_name_regex value:

image_name_regex = "caravan-centos-image-ent-*"
  1. Provide license files via the dedicated input variables:

consul_license_file = "path/to/consul.hclic"
vault_license_file  = "path/to/vault.hclic"
nomad_license_file  = "path/to/nomad.hclic"