Getting started on Azure



Due to the complexity of Azure Resource Manager and Azure Active Directory roles, you need to be:

  • Owner of a Subscription

  • at least Application Administrator in AD

If you would like to try CSI Volumes, you might need to perform some operations as Global administrator. These steps are executed via CLI or Azure Portal and you might need to ask you Azure Administrator to perform them.

Clone repos

mkdir ~/caravan
cd ~/caravan
git clone
git clone
git clone
git clone

Install and configure Azure CLI

Refer to Microsoft Docs for instructions.

The configured account must have Contributor level access to an Azure Subscription and Application Administrator in the Active Directory tenant. We require the existence of a resource group containing a public DNS zone.

Build VM images

cd ~/caravan/caravan-baking/terraform

cat <<EOF > azure.tfvars
build_on_azure              = true
build_image_name            = "caravan-centos-image"
azure_subscription_id       = "YOUR-SUBSCRIPTION-ID"
azure_target_resource_group = "YOUR-RESOURCE-GROUP"
azure_client_id             = "YOUR-AZURE-CLIENT-ID"
azure_client_secret         = "YOUR-AZURE-CLIENT-SECRET"

terraform apply -var-file azure.tfvars

Note: if you need, you can create an Azure Service Principal for running Packer in the next section.

Build infrastructure

# SUBSCRIPTION_ID where to create resources
# LOCATION where to create resources
# PREFIX prepended to all resources name

cd ~/caravan/caravan-infra-azure

This will create azure.tfvars and in the current directory. You can further edit azure.tvars with the needed changes. For example, you might be interested in setting use_le_staging=true to use Let’s Encrypt staging endpoint and avoid being rate limited if you are going to run certificate requests too often initially.

The two helper scripts and can be used to fully automate the provisioning and destroying of the entire stack, providing a one-click experience.

To start the provisioning run:



terraform init -reconfigure -upgrade
terraform apply -var-file azure.tfvars

If you would like to try CSI, see the content of zzz_vault_ad_app Terraform output.

Configure the platform

cd ~/caravan/caravan-platform
mv # replace with your prefix
terraform init -upgrade -reconfigure
export VAULT_ADDR=https://vault.PREFIX.EXTERNAL_DOMAIN # replace with your configs
export VAULT_TOKEN=$(cat ~/caravan/caravan-infra-azure/.PREFIX-root_token)
export NOMAD_TOKEN=$(vault read -tls-skip-verify -format=json nomad/creds/token-manager | jq -r .data.secret_id)
terraform apply -var-file PREFIX-azure.tfvars # replace with your prefix

Deploy platform applications

cd ~/caravan/caravan-application-support
# repeat as per caravan-platform


Destroy resources in all projects via terraform destroy -var-file azure.tfvars

Alternatively you can use to automate the entire process.

Delete the created resource group and service principal

# SUBSCRIPTION_ID where to create resources
# PREFIX prepended to all resources name

cd ~/caravan/caravan-infra-azure